Operation CHARM

The Collection of High-quality Auto Repair Manuals spans almost all makes and models from 1982 through 2013. Our data will be available free of charge, permanently. You are entitled the right to repair, understand, and upgrade what's yours without paying extra for a workshop manual.
Navigating the site. Navigating our manuals can be unintuitive. Keep in mind that multiple pages, with different URLs, may point to pages with the exact same content. This is normal. Also, the blue boxes occasionally overlaid on images are links you can click.
Archive Initiative. We release the database and computer code that powers Operation CHARM publicly. This makes sure we do not monetize CHARM, and that someone else can set up a new equivalent site if CHARM goes down. The download is over 700GB and may be difficult to use if you are not a programmer. Download our data! (using a P2P protocol to save bandwidth. Add charm.li:17471 as a peer if you have trouble).
Contact Us. We're a group of anonymous programmers. Send us an email to operation-charmtuta.io with questions or suggestions.
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